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For over three decades AAMP Global has been driven by a singular focus. To link your vehicle to the most advanced technology on the road. Through our family of brands – PAC, Stinger, Connects2 and EchoMaster. AAMP has consistently and continuously bridged barriers that separate you and your car from new technology. Old, new, commercial, passenger, foreign or domestic, we give you the freedom to enhance the vehicle you love with the features you crave.

AAMP Difference

Our superior engineering is the key to unlock any vehicle’s potential. AAMP engineers study each vehicle’s electric and CAN-bus systems with scientific precision. They recognize the subtle intricacies of every vehicle on the road and are able to solve most any problem by reverse engineering a solution tailored specifically to that vehicle. These one-of-a kind solutions allow us to decode or integrate, any vehicle or any competitor’s product. The AAMP lab deciphers the jargon, merging all technical details into one harmonious solution built just for you.

Who We Serve

AAMP customers are as varied as the countries they inhabit. We build custom solutions that have lured the smallest “Mom and Pop” dealers and 12 Volt specialists to the largest commercial chains, like Best Buy, and OEMs like General Motors, into productive partnerships. Through constant innovation, we provide solutions for all vehicles in industries ranging from agriculture, recreational vehicle and passenger vehicle upgrades.


Two Power-House Brands, Stinger Electronics and Phoenix Gold Partner to Create the Perfect Audio Upgrade

Clearwater, FL (June 23, 2021) – Stinger Electronics and Phoenix Gold have partnered to unveil their hottest new product, a high-performance loaded subwoofer enclosure for Jeeps, Trucks, and other vehicles.


The TXJWB12, Jeep subwoofer enclosure, and the TXTRB10, Truck subwoofer enclosure, both provide drivers with the ability to easily add heart-pounding bass to their vehicles without occupying a ton of space.   


The Jeep enclosure includes a bass-thumping, 12-inch Phoenix Gold subwoofer, protected by a Roadkill Armor-coated enclosure, making it weather-proof and rugged for outdoor adventures. It adds four times more bass to a Jeep, as compared to a factory premium subwoofer package. TXJWB12 uniquely mounts to the Jeep’s tailgate allowing the driver to save space for other belongings. The Jeep enclosure fits Jeep Wrangler 2-door and 4-door JK/JL models 2007+ and includes all mounting hardware for easy installation.


The truck enclosure adds a powerful 10-inch Phoenix Gold subwoofer, protected by a Roadkill Liquid-coated enclosure, making it durable for rugged towing and work activities. Despite its deep accurate bass, the enclosure is made to fit in many under-seat truck applications and works well behind seats as a footrest, over-center humps, and in hatchbacks.  


Enclosure key features include:


• Jeep Enclosure: Roadkill-Armor Coating; Permanent Heat Bonded EPM Enclosure Coating (Elastomeric Polyurethane Molecule)

• Truck Enclosure: Roadkill-Liquid Coating; Durable Texture UAT (Urethane Acrylic Terpolymer) Enclosure Coating.

• Weather-Resistant for Harsh Outdoor Environments

• Sound Dampening Properties for Resonance Reduction

• Scratch, Crack, and Peel-Resistant

• Chemical and Stain-Resistant

• Impact Absorption

• UV Protection

• Provides Leak and Corrosion Prevention

• Jeep Enclosure: Heavy Duty 11-Layer High-Density Plywood Construction

• Truck Enclosure: Heavy Duty MDF Construction

• Poly-Fill Included to Absorb Standing Waves and Reduce Distortion

• Durable, Coated Steel Subwoofer Grill for Extra Protection


Subwoofer key features include:


• Jeep Enclosure: 400w RMS 12” Weather-Resistant Subwoofer, Truck Enclosure:

• 400w RMS 10” Weather-Resistant Subwoofer 

• Rugged Weatherproof Design 

• Fiber Matrix Injection Molded Polypropylene Cone 

• Rubber Surround 

• Powder-Coated Frame 

• Wrap-Sealed Rubber Gasket

• 2.5” Dual 4Ω Voice Coils (wired for 2Ω) with CFL³ and MBL Technologies

• MLB Collar Technology- Enables Micro-Level Bonding with Cone & Spider for Increased Strength

• G-Lock Technology Utilizes Adhesive and Mechanical Bonding Between the Cone and Voice Coil

• Air-Cooled Ventilated Motor Topology for Providing Optimal Thermal Efficiency, Reducing Motor Compression and Extending Low-Frequency Response

• Black Anodized Voice Coil Former-Provides Heat Dissipation 

• CFL³ Technology Voice Coil- 3x More Structurally Rigid, Prolonging the Life of the Voice Coil

• Concave-X Cone Technology Strengthens the Rigidity of the Woofer’s Cone Body and Minimizes Distortion While Increasing High-Pressure Handling Produced in Shallow Enclosures


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