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Whether you are a one store independent 12 Volt installation shop, or a large mass merchant, leverage our proven experience designing and delivering retail experiences and product mixes that increase your profitability, while maximizing in-store floor space. We will tailor fit our solutions to align with the vehicles and customers your store sees, and provide the in-store merchandising that will help with the assisted or unassisted buy. Our packaging and display process includes consumer research, so the messaging speaks to that product’s target market, simplifying the sales process for you and your staff.

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If you are a vehicle manufacturer, fleet manager or anyone else looking to discuss a partnership with AAMP, use the links below to email the business development team in your geographic location.

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If you are located in Europe, please visit our AAMP Europe site

Something for Every Vehicle

Together, our owned  and distributed brands give our retail partners access to the best in the industry. As technology evolves, drivers are seeking to enhance their vehicles with new, and enhanced features. Whether your customer is a fleet owner seeking to prevent workplace incidents, or a boat owner looking for a better way to enjoy their party playlist, AAMP Global provides solutions for every vehicle, on-road, off-road, and off-shore. Always delivering the highest quality of products, with OEM-like fit, finish and experience, leading-edge technologies, and superior retail partner support, our solutions are also built with the installer in mind. Allowing you to move cars through bays, bolstering profitability and helping you to achieve a more efficient business model.


High performance audio is the heart of our industry. Music is the universal language after all. Our audio brands bring goose bump inducing bass, crystal clear highs and mids, and studio-quality musical perfection to any vehicle, on road or off.

Phoenix Gold Audio Systems

Stinger Audio Accessories

Stinger Power Sports

Stinger Marine

Stinger V-Twin

Audio Interfacing by PAC



In a world where road accidents are commonplace, consumers and commercial customers alike are looking to reduce risk, increase safety and protect their investments.  EchoMaster provides a full range of safety products to address these needs and constantly innovates to meet future requirements. Whether you are reversing the family car or guiding a fleet of vehicles, EchoMaster is always right beside you. Offering a high quality range of trusted safety solutions for any situation.

EchoMaster Consumer Safety

EchoMaster Commercial Safety

PAC Safety Integration

Radio Replacement & Installation Accessories

PAC integration solutions simplify any installation, allowing you to enhance features and technology, while retaining the OEM fit, finish and experience. This can be seen especially in the attention to detail you find in our dash kits, where texture and color are painstakingly matched to factory style integrating the new infotainment system in seamlessly.


Best Kits dashkits by PAC


No Bluetooth? No AUX? No problem! Keep the car you love, upgrade your features, and stay connected with your friends. iSimple provides easy ways to connect your smartphone to your vehicle. Upgrade your tech-challenged car with easy-to-install and even easier to use hands-free calling, music streaming, audio control and charging solutions. Simple and uncomplicated products for every one, and every vehicle.



Best Kits dashkits by PAC

Distributed Brands

In addition to our owned brands, we partner with trusted solution providers to serve our customers in all categories.

Dash Cameras

Remote Start

GPS Tracking