SX2%201200-6%20Front.jpgToday, Phoenix Gold, manufacturer of high performance car audio systems, started shipping its highly anticipated re-designed product lines, starting with the SX2 series amplifiers. Showcased at CES, the SX2 amplifiers are the first of several more lines to be released this year.


The SX2 series launched with five new amplifiers, spanning from two high-power subwoofer amplifiers to the 1200W six channel amp.   Boasting gold heat sinks and stylistic influences from the 90s—a throwback to the design aesthetic that gained Phoenix Gold a cult following, with a modern twist. 


While the exterior may take its inspiration from the 90s, what’s under the hood has been designed and engineered with the latest technology advances and high quality components.  The result is power and precision that true audiophiles demand. 


The new SX2 amplifiers boast innovative car audio technology featuring Phoenix Gold’s very own Bass Shift®, a remote bass and phase controller that allows time alignment for subwoofers in audio builds.  Bass Shift® allows for perfect adjustment of not only the subwoofer level but also 0-180° of phase adjustment from the listening position, enhancing bass response, dynamics and impact at any volume. The chassis also feature double tier power supplies with Onboard Thermal Management to monitors internal temperatures, and make minor adjustments to output power allowing the amplifier to return to normal operating temperatures without interruption.



The New SX2 Amplifier Lineup:

SX2 400.2  400w 2 Channel Amplifier          

MSRP: $360.00

Power Ratings:

100w x 2 Channel @ 4 ohm Stereo

200w x 2 Channel @ 2 ohm Stereo 

400w x 1 Channel @ 2 ohm Bridged

SX2 600.1  600w Monoblock Amplifier          

MSRP: $470.00

Power Ratings:

300w x 1 Channel @ 4 ohm

450w x 1 Channel @ 2 ohm

600w x 1 Channel @ 1 ohm


SX2 800.4  800w 4 Channel Amplifier          

MSRP: $550.00

Power Ratings:

150w x 4 Channel @ 4 ohm Stereo

200w x 4 Channel @ 2 ohm Stereo

400w x 2 Channel @ 4 ohm Bridged


SX2 1200.1  1200w Monoblock Amplifier          

MSRP: $660.00

Power Ratings:

600w x 1 Channel @ 4 ohm

900w x 1 Channel @ 2 ohm

1200w x 1 Channel @ 1 ohm


SX2 1200.6  1200w 6 Channel Amplifier          

MSRP: $660.00

Power Ratings:

150w x 6 Channel @ 4 ohm Stereo 

200w x 4 Channel @ 2 ohm Stereo and 250w x 5/6 Channel @ 1 ohm Stereo

300w x 2 Channel @ 4 ohm Bridged and 500w x 1 Channel @ 2 ohm Bridged


“Our recent product development is not only a continuation of the legacy that Phoenix Gold has maintained over the decades, but it’s also a solid tech advancement that separates the brand from others in the market. The SX2 amplifiers were engineered for world-class audio quality,” explains Kevin Kuenzie, Senior Product Manager for Phoenix Gold and Stinger.


Phoenix Gold’s full range of SX2 amplifiers is now on sale at authorized Phoenix Gold dealers.