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For over three decades AAMP Global has been driven by a singular focus. To link your vehicle to the most advanced technology on the road. Through our family of brands – PAC, Stinger, Connects2 and EchoMaster. AAMP has consistently and continuously bridged barriers that separate you and your car from new technology. Old, new, commercial, passenger, foreign or domestic, we give you the freedom to enhance the vehicle you love with the features you crave.

AAMP Difference

Our superior engineering is the key to unlock any vehicle’s potential. AAMP engineers study each vehicle’s electric and CAN-bus systems with scientific precision. They recognize the subtle intricacies of every vehicle on the road and are able to solve most any problem by reverse engineering a solution tailored specifically to that vehicle. These one-of-a kind solutions allow us to decode or integrate, any vehicle or any competitor’s product. The AAMP lab deciphers the jargon, merging all technical details into one harmonious solution built just for you.

Who We Serve

AAMP customers are as varied as the countries they inhabit. We build custom solutions that have lured the smallest “Mom and Pop” dealers and 12 Volt specialists to the largest commercial chains, like Best Buy, and OEMs like General Motors, into productive partnerships. Through constant innovation, we provide solutions for all vehicles in industries ranging from agriculture, recreational vehicle and passenger vehicle upgrades.


EchoMaster Fleet Solutions is Exhibiting at Work Truck Week 2021

EchoMaster Fleet Solutions, the commercial division of AAMP Global, is showcasing their full-service solution capabilities for Fleet, Commercial, and OES at the NTEA Work Truck Week 2021 (WTW21).

EchoMaster Fleet Solutions is a full-service provider with a passion for engineering efficient solutions for Fleet, Commercial, and OES. From safety and security products, custom wiring harnesses, fleet monitoring, national installation services, and more – EchoMaster Fleet Solutions is dedicated to help deliver excellence for any upfitting need.

EchoMaster Fleet Solutions is featuring the following products and capabilities at WTW21:

Telematics: Real-time, on-demand GPS tracking and driver monitoring. Our telematics solution provides the fleet management tool you need for vehicle tracking and preventative safety. We offer a complete telematics solution – the hardware, the software, and support – everything you need to be successful.

Commercial-grade Safety Cameras and Monitors: Commercial-grade safety cameras and monitors, available in analog high definition (AHD), to help improve a driver’s situational awareness, enabling a safer, and more informed driving experience. We have universal and vehicle specific solutions.

Beepers and Sensors: We have commercial-grade products with audible and/or visual warnings to help vehicles avoid collisions.

Dash Cameras and DVRs: Dash Cams and DVRs add additional liability and protection when vehicles are driving or parked. We also have an OBD II adapter for a simplified and seamless installation.

Infotainment Display System, HEIGH10: Features a high resolution 10-inch capacitive touch screen, with 16.7 million colors for a full visual experience, HEIGH10 is designed to enhance screen size, and infotainment features for drivers in any vehicle. The display and main turner box have a modular design, bolstering installation flexibility in space limited applications and in some cases where no installation dash kit is available. HEIGH10 delivers a wide variety of media inputs and integration options so you have total control of your music, navigation and other media.

Custom Capabilities:

Custom Wiring Harness Manufacturing: We can develop custom wire harnessing solutions to help streamline and standardize installation services – for any vehicle. Our proficiency, experience and commitment to quality and timeliness are why our customers partner with us for their custom harnessing needs.

Custom Safety Solutions: We can create the perfect custom safety solution for your fleet. Adding safety features on your Fleet vehicles can help reduce the number of employee at fault incidents by minimizing vehicle blind spots.

Custom Lighting: Our customizable lighting systems helps improve visibility inside and outside of the vehicle – making it safer, easier, and more efficient to work or locate items.

The WTW21 takes place online starting today, Monday, March 8th through March 12th. You can register for the show using the following link:  https://www.xpressreg.net/register/ntea0321/

EchoMaster Fleet Solutions will be giving a live demo during WTW21:

March 9, 2021 – 3:30 PM – 3:45 PM EST

Telematics from EchoMaster Fleet Solutions – Tracking Simplified

Gain control of your business and make strategic decisions effortlessly with Telematics from EchoMaster Fleet Solutions. Our GPS Tracking solutions will track your fleet in real time and equip you with management tools such Driver Management, Vehicle Health, Maintenance Management, Traffic, and Route Planning. We offer a complete telematics solution – the hardware, the software, and support – everything you need to be successful. Our solutions will help you improve efficiency, safety, and the profitability of your business. Join us for a demonstration of our telematics solution. Our goal is to help you find the perfect solution for your fleet.

To learn more about EchoMaster Fleet Solutions, check out our virtual booth at WTW21 or visit our website at www.echomasterfleetsolutions.com.

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