Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers


With RV vehicles being one of the most popular ways to travel, AAMP has developed a large suite of off the shelf solutions and partnered with vehicle manufacturers to design bespoke solutions factory fit. RVs small or large, and even towable campers add an extra layer of complexity for drivers with the larger blind spots, especially drivers who are used to maneuvering smaller vehicles in their daily commute. Our camera and sensor systems are designed for the various vehicle types to eliminate blind spots that can cause property damage or accidents.

Side Cameras for Lane Change Assistance

The formidable size of RVs leaves the inevitable side blind spot, where smaller vehicles on the road can hide in. AAMP's line of side camera systems have vehicle-specific pods that attach to side mirrors, full integration connects your camera system to your driving, so when turn signals are used, the appropriate camera is turned on, delivering a full view of the side blind spots to the drive via a factory screen or one of our monitors.

Seamless Integration

For as long as technology has existed in cars, we have been integrating it. Our knowledge of integrating in-vehicle and out of vehicle systems (such as Smartphones), gives drivers a fully connected experience or adds features without adding complexity. If you have multiple technologies that you need to integrate into existing systems, or want our engineers to develop something unique, our business development team will be happy to speak with you.

Elevating the FunĀ 

RVing is all about fun, and we have many products that can take your road trip to the next level, premium audio systems, smartphone connectivity, dash cams, and more!


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If you are a vehicle manufacturer, fleet manager or anyone else looking to discuss a partnership with AAMP, use the links below to email the business development team in your geographic location.


If you are located in Europe, please visit ourĀ AAMP Europe site