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PAC is the go-to brand for any of your automotive product integration needs. The cutting-edge technologies incorporated in each of our products make the installation process easier, faster, and more importantly, truly reliable. Whatever it is you're trying to accomplish in the car, look to PAC for an integrated solution.

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In a world where road accidents are commonplace, consumers and commercial customers alike are looking to reduce risk, increase safety and protect their investments. EchoMaster provides a full range of safety products to address these needs and constantly innovates to meet future requirements. Whether you are reversing the family car or guiding a fleet of vehicles, EchoMaster is always right beside you. Offering a high quality range of trusted safety solutions for any situation.

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Stinger Electronics

Stinger has everything a true audiophile needs to upgrade their vehicle's sound system. We offer the best premium interconnects, wiring kits, superior power support, custom batteries and other components. After all, you should enjoy quality sound, no matter where the road takes you. For enhanced features off-road and off-shore, Stinger's Power Sports, Marine, and V-Twin lineups give accessorizers the products they need for high performance audio and more.

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Phoenix Gold

Phoenix Gold is the premier manufacturer of high-end mobile audio products, featuring award winning amplifiers, speakers, processors and subwoofers for audiophiles who are serious about the sound of their music.

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No Bluetooth? No AUX? No problem! Keep the car you love, upgrade your features, and stay connected with your friends. iSimple provides easy ways to connect your smartphone to your vehicle. Upgrade your tech-challenged car with easy-to-install and even easier to use hands-free calling, music streaming, audio control and charging solutions. Simple and uncomplicated products for every one, and every vehicle.

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Autoleads is THE market leading brand of in-vehicle audio, visual, communications, connectivity and installation solutions in the European market.

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To simplify the buying process for our retail partners, AAMP Global has strategic partnerships to offer product categories not manufactured under one of our owned brands. Carefully curated, our distributed brands are leading edge in their category, adhering to the same quality and forward-thinking technology that can be found in AAMP Power Brands.


Thinkware sets a new trend for devices that drivers all over the world can use. Beyond a simple transportation means, a car has become a part of life. Thinkware Dash Cam aims to introduce and provide you a way to relive every detail of your journey. Many road accidents often have no witnesses and are not likely to be captured by a surveillance camera. Your dash cam can protect you from potential fraud. However, it is not just an eye witness. With a Thinkware Dash Cam, you can also share spectacular memories of your drive with your friends and family.

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