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For over three decades AAMP Global has been driven by a singular focus. To link your vehicle to the most advanced technology on the road. Through our family of brands – PAC, Stinger, Connects2 and EchoMaster. AAMP has consistently and continuously bridged barriers that separate you and your car from new technology. Old, new, commercial, passenger, foreign or domestic, we give you the freedom to enhance the vehicle you love with the features you crave.

AAMP Difference

Our superior engineering is the key to unlock any vehicle’s potential. AAMP engineers study each vehicle’s electric and CAN-bus systems with scientific precision. They recognize the subtle intricacies of every vehicle on the road and are able to solve most any problem by reverse engineering a solution tailored specifically to that vehicle. These one-of-a kind solutions allow us to decode or integrate, any vehicle or any competitor’s product. The AAMP lab deciphers the jargon, merging all technical details into one harmonious solution built just for you.

Who We Serve

AAMP customers are as varied as the countries they inhabit. We build custom solutions that have lured the smallest “Mom and Pop” dealers and 12 Volt specialists to the largest commercial chains, like Best Buy, and OEMs like General Motors, into productive partnerships. Through constant innovation, we provide solutions for all vehicles in industries ranging from agriculture, recreational vehicle and passenger vehicle upgrades.


AAMP Global Introduces EchoMaster, Vehicle Safety For Consumer & Commercial Drivers

Over 300 Global Solutions Including Vehicle-Specific Solutions Integrated with PAC, Turnkey Retail Merchandising Kits, and Increased Investment in Product Development, Sales and Marketing Resources

Clearwater, FL (December 6, 2016) – Today, AAMP Global, manufacturer of in-vehicle technology, announced the global launch of its brand EchoMaster, vehicle safety for consumer and commercial drivers, and expanded product, sales and marketing resources to support the success of EchoMaster authorized dealers.  “There is no bigger global growth opportunity for AAMP right now than safety,” explained David Klatt chief executive officer of AAMP Global.  “We have the right to win in this category with our overwhelming product suite, targeted marketing strategy, the fusion of PAC and EchoMaster, and a robust organizational commitment to hyper invest in this category.  This launch includes a comprehensive line that meets the needs of commercial and consumer drivers today, with an aggressive product roadmap to follow that will include the leading edge technologies of tomorrow.”

Over 300 Global Solutions

In a world where road accidents are commonplace, consumers and commercial customers alike are looking to reduce risk, increase safety, and protect their investments. EchoMaster provides a full range of safety solutions to include blind spot cameras (for front, rear and side use, with multiple mounting options available), monitors, sensors, DVRs and dash cams.  The range includes universal solutions as well as vehicle-specific.  Whether you are reversing the family car or guiding a fleet of vehicles, EchoMaster is always right beside you, offering a high-quality range of trusted safety solutions for any situation.

Protected by EchoMaster, Integrated with PAC

The most effective driver assistance technology needs to be as easy to use as possible, with minimal intervention from the driver.  Which is why AAMP has combined forces with two of its Power Brands: EchoMaster and PAC.  These integrated safety solutions add important safety features, while seamlessly integrating that technology into the overall driving experience. EchoMaster’s line of integrated safety solutions leverages PAC’s 40 years of vehicle integration experience delivering vehicle-specific solutions that add safety without compromising the OEM look or experience.

New Website & Retail Merchandising Packages to Support Authorized Dealers

With the brand re-launch comes a new and improved website: EchoMaster.com.  Featuring a vehicle fit finder, improved product information, and a Dealer Tools section.

“There is an increasing demand for aftermarket safety technology from consumers, many of our retail customers are already in the safety space while some are brand new to it.  Our goal is to make it easy for dealers to either enter the space, or increase their success within this growing category,” explained Marie Still, chief marketing officer of AAMP Global.  “When developing the brand, we took the time to reach out to consumers, understand their buying patterns and needs, and we have developed informative packaging and high impact in-store displays based on what we found.  Our authorized dealer packages include turnkey retail solutions that allow our customers to transform their retail environment with an effective experience that draws the consumers in to the category and then walks them through the path to purchase.”


In addition to consumer focused packaging and displays, EchoMaster dealers have access to content to support their own multi-channel marketing efforts, including pre-canned social media content, graphics, consumer collateral and more.

Organizational Structure with a Focus on Safety

To support growing and evolving EchoMaster’s global safety line, the company has committed dedicated additional product, sales and marketing resources.

Shaun Findley, AAMP’s vice president/general manager of global Safety, Connectivity and Audio will continue to lead the product development efforts for EchoMaster. Reporting to Shaun and leading our safety efforts globally will be senior product manager, Augustin Leung.  Augustin started with AAMP early in 2016, after many years at Clarion Corporation.  Augustin’s experience at Clarion, and then previously with Magellan GPS, Myron Davis, and working in marketing at Scion and Toyota, equips him well for this role.  Product planning and development has been a key part of his career involving navigation, telematics, multimedia and safety products.  Aileen Alhambra(Safety Product Manager located in Corona), Nathan Pearce (Safety Product Manager in the UK) and Mark Fesmire (Sr. Product Development Engineer in Corona), will all be reporting to Augustin.  Aileen is an Electrical Engineer from California Polytechnic University and has been with Rosen for 11 years in product development for safety (EchoMaster) and infotainment (Rosen). Nathan Pearce, brings 20 years of 12-volt industry experience through AAMP, Armour Automotive and prior installation engineer positions. Mark Fesmire, joining AAMP in early 2016 brings 18 years of experience with head unit products coming from Kenwood/ JVC and Fujitsu Ten / Eclipse.

“Over the past year we’ve been working diligently behind the scenes to combine three world class safety brands,” said Shaun Findley VP/GM at AAMP Global.  “We now have the right brand, the right structure and the right product suite to continue to innovate the vehicle safety technology space.  With the foundation in place, our product team is now focused on executing on an already robust product roadmap, developing leading edge, high quality safety solutions for consumer and commercial drivers.”

In addition to the expanded product development support, sales and marketing have ramped up their resources with field training and sales support from Team Phantom, and a newly implemented technical sales team headed by Brad Chapple, director of sales at AAMP, and co-founder of Intraphex.

The Technical Sales team will be filled by Matt Bradley, who comes with 15 years of experience through Rosen and Don Zaney bringing 24 years of experience through AAMP and Intraphex.  These roles are critical to the future development of this business, driven by a category of products and channels requiring a higher technical skill set.

“We always strive to provide an unprecedented level of service for our retail partners,” said Scott Forst senior vice president of sales.  “To do that, we need to have in-field support, providing technical training, and available to assist our customers in any way that they need.  The combined forces of our inside sales team, Team Phantom, and the newly implemented technical sales team, will allow us to deliver personalized training and support, especially in the area of safety, ultimately driving the success of our partners.”

Leading the EchoMaster brand efforts will be Phyliss Robins who will assume the role of senior global marketing manager.  Phyliss’s prior experience at Griffin Technology and the Adidas Group will set her up to be successful in the effort to raise global awareness and to further grow the EchoMaster brand. She will also focus on delivering tools and content to assist authorized dealers on sell through and their own marketing efforts.


For more information visit EchoMaster.com or Facebook.com/EchoMasterProducts

To become an authorized dealer email sales@aampglobal.com.



Established in 1987, owned by Audax Private Equity, and headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, AAMP Global restlessly pursues innovative ways to enhance what moves you.   Global manufacturer of mobile aftermarket technology for consumer and commercial vehicles; developing safety solutions under EchoMaster, smartphone connectivity under iSimple, rear and front seat infotainment under Rosen, high power audio enhancement under Stinger and Phoenix Gold, and OEM integration solutions under Autoleads and PAC.   AAMP enables you to define your drive, one vehicle at a time, anywhere in the world.



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