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AAMP Partners with Thinkware

Clearwater, FL (March 20, 2018) – AAMP Global, leader in automotive electronics and technology, today, announced that it will extend its line of dash camera offerings through a partnership with Thinkware. Korean based Thinkware is a pioneer in the world of dash camera technology. Their line of feature rich, innovative solutions, are paving the way for a category that is seeing accelerated growth in the US. The partnership will add the Thinkware products to the EchoMaster lineup, allowing AAMP customers access to enhance their retail offering, and harness the potential this category offers.

At launch, there will be 20 products available to AAMP customers, through their current sales representative. Thinkware’s aggressive roadmap includes several near future releases with advanced ADAS technologies built-in to the dash cameras. These new products will be added to the line when available, giving consumers access to simplified solutions that not only prevent accidents, but also provide a video witness in the unfortunate case of one occurring.

“We have seen what the dash camera market has done in other geographic areas like Korea and Russia. Here in the US we are right on the cusp of what is going to be a category that explodes with growth.” Explained Brad Chapple, Director of OEM and Commercial Partnerships at AAMP Global, “we have seen what driver safety has done for our retail partners, and know that these products are another area that will deliver massive success for them. Thinkware’s leading edge lineup delivers the features, quality, and technology that consumers demand, which is why we are thrilled that this partnership will bring the right products to our retail and commercial customers, at the right time. Additionally, we are excited to partner the Thinkware engineers with PAC engineers to explore potential fusion of PAC OEM integration into Thinkware’s dash cameras.”

The Thinkware line available through AAMP will include the flagship TW-F800PRO, Thinkware’s pinnacle dash camera / DVR solution. Including Night Vision 2.0, the highest quality of video, built-in ADAS including lane departure and front vehicle departure warnings, and Thinkware Cloud, family monitoring solution using the TW-F800PRO mobile app, which utilizes the built-in GPS for geo fencing, vehicle location, and impact notification. The TW-F800PRO has an optional second camera that can be used to monitor the interior or rear of a vehicle. Additionally, the lineup will include the TW-F770, with built-in GPS, ADAS and Night Vision, and the TW-F100 and TW-F50, both with an optional external GPS antenna to add ADAS features.

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