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Meet Mike Eckley: This Year’s Mobile Electronics Rep of the Year

We were thrilled that this year, AAMP’s own Mike Eckley was awarded Rep of the Year at the 2017 Mobile Electronics Industry awards. We think Mike’s pretty darn amazing too, and to have the industry validate it, had us all high-fiving and fist pumping. Just in case you haven’t had the pleasure of befriending Mike, we wanted to sit down with him, and some of the leadership here at AAMP, so you can get a taste of what makes Mike tick, and why we think he’s the bee’s knees.

Eckley: The Man, the Myth, the Legend

How long have you been in the 12volt industry? I have been in this industry in some form or fashion for about 25 years. It all started while I was in 20776752_10210570962647235_4921361059482high school and built my own audio system in my very first car. I 20819497_10210570943326752_3282083601984have always been into music so I guess this all just came naturally to me.

What do you love about our industry?  It’s like you’re part of one giant family, and I love that! The passion and drive that you see in this industry are amazing. It truly is an art form.

Tell us about yourself, and your background: My background? Well, honestly I have done and had the opportunity to experience and work first hand in 20840921_1585388354815032_29021681228859many different roles; training and development, marketing, sales, distribution and even owned my own audio shop.

What do you love about AAMP? AAMP is an awesome company to work for.  Having your voice heard and the tools to make a difference is so rewarding. I believe in AAMP and the products that we market.  AAMP truly wants to keep 12 volt alive and thriving, and is willing to put forth the effort to keep it there.

What advice do you have for someone interested in a position like yours? You have to not only believe in yourself, but believe and support 110 percent the company you work for and the products that you sell. Learn from others, and most definitely, listen and be flexible.

What’s your favorite AAMP product?  Phoenix Gold. Beside being just an all around outstanding product line it has so much to offer to our dealers in terms of margins and price protection.

What are the three things that get you excited to go to work every morning?

-Knowing I can make a difference

-Knowing that I can help and educate my dealers so that they have the tools and confidence to capture the sales they need to make them successful

-The dealers, the customers, my team mates and all my colleagues

We also asked around the AAMP leadership for their thoughts on Mike:

From President and CEO David Klatt: “Mike’s passion, customer-centric work ethic, and energy embodies the core of our culture here at AAMP. He obsessively puts his customers’ needs, wants, and desires first, building true life-long partnerships. I could not be more proud to see him awarded rep of the year, and to have the opportunity to celebrate with him and his wife Michele in Dallas. Mike is an admired member of the AAMP team, and to see his customers validate what we all know, it’s a great feeling.”

From Herb Brown, Vice President Sales “Mike Eckley unselfishly dedicates his time building quality relationships with customers as well as making himself available, above and beyond what is required to solve problems, which is why he has become a great ambassador of the Phantom program.”

From the entire AAMP team, congrats Mike!