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Echomaster is Expanding Their General Motors OEM-Quality Blind Spot Systems to Authorized Dealers

Clearwater, FL (August 11, 2017) EchoMaster’s General Motors Blind Spot Avoidance Systems, featuring perfect-fit mirror/camera caps, full integration into the factory screen and driver behavior, and custom GUI for manual camera activation, are now available exclusively to Authorized EchoMaster Dealers.

Featuring solutions for General Motors full-size and mid-size trucks as well as full-size SUVs from 2014-2018 (2015-2018 full-size SUV and HD trucks), EchoMaster is leading the way on bringing OEM features & quality products to the Aftermarket dealer channel, who crave the same quality and technology as car manufacturers.

As demand for blind spot awareness continues to grow among car owners, one of the biggest categories for EchoMaster, collision avoidance, offers the opportunity for dealers to capture sales growth in the aftermarket arena, as more customers adopt front, side, and rear view cameras.

The seamless integration combining EchoMaster Pro safety products, powered by PAC technology serves up a simple, safe driving experience, eliminating common blind spots that lurk around the vehicle.  Turn signals trigger the side lane change assistance cameras, which are especially dangerous for larger vehicles such as SUVs and trucks.  Vehicles that may be hiding in the side blind spots are shown to the driver on the OEM display prior to changing lanes, reducing the risk of a collision.

Each kit includes two Stealth Side View Mirror Cameras designed to discreetly replace existing trim facia on the vehicle’s exterior mirrors, covered with a three-year warranty. Utilizing six screen modes, smart technology enables camera activation based on driver behavior, using left and right turn signals and placing the truck in reverse.  These systems alternatively allow for manual activation by the driver as well.

EchoMaster’s General Motors Blind Spot Integrated Camera systems are available for full-size, mid-size trucks as well as full-size SUV models from authorized EchoMaster dealers at a suggested retail price of $819.00. Additional an optional wireless trailering camera and third brake light CHSML camera are also available.

For more information regarding EchoMaster’s integrated safety solutions, contact your EchoMaster sales representative. Interested in becoming an EchoMaster authorized dealer, contact AAMP Global at 800-477-2267 or by email.

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