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2017 Knowledgefest Dallas

How to register as AAMP Global VIP: 
1.   Go to the registration page:
2.   Under ‘Attend KnowledgeFest’ click on “Register Here”
3.   Enter the requested registration information
4.   When prompted, check the box that says “VIP” and insert: AAMPVIP17D
5.   Click Continue button.
6.   Click Continue to complete the registration.
7.   Each person who registers will receive a confirmation email within a few minutes.

Training at MEA:
You’ve signed up, travel is booked, and now the good stuff: Training! 

We will have four trainings. Attendees will be entered into raffles for attendance and participation.

Friday 6:00 – 7:00PM Arts District 4 – Phoenix Gold & Stinger – The Winning Combination in High Performance Car Audio
Join us for a very exclusive hands-on, real world training with the highly awaited DSP8.8 Digital Signal Processor, and see what sets it apart from all other DSP’s in the industry. We will also take a tour into our very popular new line of SX2 and the soon to be released Ti3 amplifiers. Learn about Stinger’s new line of innovative installation accessories, and how when these two brands are combined, they become the winning combination for every installation in your store!

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Friday 7:15 – 8:15PM Arts District 4 – How to Succeed in Safety with EchoMaster 
A successful collision avoidance strategy can expand your customer base and open up new lines of revenue for your store. Come learn how to harness the potential of this category exploding with growth using EchoMaster’s complete line of safety products. Everything from sales techniques, to in-store sell through with turn key merchandising, to driving awareness and driving foot traffic to your store. Also learn about the wide range of solutions offered by EchoMaster, from multi-camera systems, to blind spot detection, all fully integrated into driving behavior with PAC integration solutions. Attendees will leave this class knowing what it takes to succeed in safety, with EchoMaster.

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Saturday 8:00 – 9:20PM Katy Trail – Marketing Types: Finding Your Next Best Customer
There are many types of marketing and knowing which one works best for your store is paramount to bringing in new business. In this session, you will learn about different types of successful marketing techniques and the best way to use them to benefit your business. Learn how to create systems that focus on merchandising and generating profit. Understand the best ways to get your store dialed in, get vendor support and how to use buying groups properly. If you’re ready to generate profit at any revenue level, don’t miss this class!

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Sunday 6:00-7:00PM Arts District 5 – Advanced Amplifier Integration with PAC
Join us for an in depth look into how integrating high performance car audio products into modern data bus controlled vehicles can be simplified, all while retaining the OEM appearance and function of the audio systems with PAC’s highly innovative series of interfaces called AmpPRO.  These integration devices will revolutionize how you approach these typically complex vehicles, giving you a distinct advantage over the old ways of wasting hours in the bay cutting wires, identifying channels and adding load resistors, to only be left with a mediocre audio signal after all that hard work. AmpPRO uses a simple T-harness to connect into the vehicle and will provide you with a perfectly clean and flat audio signal that can be used with all aftermarket car audio products. PAC has a wide variety of interfaces and proprietary devices available that will help you become an integration expert.

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