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Never Run Out Of DVR Recording Space With The Largest HDD-Based DVR System From EchoMaster

EchoMaster Releases Upgraded HDD-Based DVRs Built For Maximum Reliability And Recording Uptime

CLEARWATER, FL–(Marketwired – March 20, 2017) – EchoMaster, global manufacturer of safe driving technology for consumer and commercial drivers, today, introduced the latest in their line of ultra-high capacity HDD-based DVRs, intended for use in commercial applications. The high-tech recording devices are designed for high-capacity recording of camera data, and have up to 10x the storage capacity of traditional, SD-card based DVR units, allowing for nearly 2000 hours of continuously recorded, uninterrupted footage.

The HDD-DVR Incorporates Massive Storage And Robust Tracking Features

Every model of the EchoMaster HDD-DVR series comes standard with GPS tracking and map tracing of recorded footage, ensuring that all drivers have a full record of their movements and actions — whether you’re tracking your long-haul truckers for DOT compliance or recording the actions of law enforcement officers, the HDD-DVR is the perfect choice.

The storage device itself has been built to commercial-grade standards, including a heated caddy, allowing it to perform in all weather conditions, even sub zero temperatures without affecting the performance. It is compatible with all hard drives in the 2.5″ form factor — including both SSDs and HDDs — with a maximum storage capacity of 2TB.

To gain complete monitoring coverage inside and out of your vehicle, the EchoMaster HDD-DVRs were engineered to include 4-8 supported camera inputs, depending on the model, ensuring that your fleet can support all of the cameras required for compliance from all angles, inside and outside.

Advanced Technology Gives The HDD-DVR A Competitive Edge

The HDD-DVR from EchoMaster does much more than simply record video footage. It incorporates several advanced features that make it a comprehensive recording and tracking solution.

These features include a built-in motion detection system that allows automatic recording when the vehicle is in motion, and shuts recording off after a preset timeframe. Impact sensors are also included that track “G” forces, logging motion and impacts alongside camera footage.

Advanced connectivity is also available on select models of the HDD-DVR, such as Wi-Fi and 3G capabilities that allow for remote viewing of recorded footage.

The HDD-DVR Protects Vehicles — And Drivers

The advanced features, near-limitless capacity, and durable design of the latest EchoMaster HDD-DVR make it the best recording device on the market, whether you’re looking to record accident footage, ensure roadside safety compliance, or record law enforcement incidents.

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