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Changing Lanes Is Safer Than Ever With The Most Accurate Blind Spot Detection System From EchoMaster

EchoMaster Releases New PBS-MWSK Microwave Sensor Blind Spot Detection System

CLEARWATER, FL— – EchoMaster, global manufacturer of driver assistance technology for consumer and commercial drivers, today, introduced PBS-MWSK, side blind spot sensor detection system. Utilizing advanced microwave sensor technology to deliver an unparalleled aftermarket driver safety and assistance system. Triggered on by use of the left and right turn signals, these sensors can detect vehicles within 50 feet, moving as fast or faster than you, which could be easily hidden within the driver’s blind spot. Giving drivers an audible and visual warning, makes lane changing safer and easier.

Whether aftermarket or factory-installed, blind spot detectionbackup cameras, and other driver safety features are gaining popularity globally. According to a recent study from JD Power & Associates, 69% of all owners of vehicles with blind spot detection use their blind-spot detection systems every time they drive.

The PBS-MWSK Microwave Sensor Blind Spot Detection System has been designed for superior accuracy, using microwave sensors rather than ultrasonic. Microwave blind-spot sensors allow for a much faster response time compared to ultrasonic sensors, and are more accurate, as they can differentiate between cars and other objects that may trigger false alarms (trees, mailboxes, etc.).

The System Is Easily Installable In Any Vehicle

Microwave sensors are installed on the inner corners of the rear bumper, and connect to two visual indicator LED lights that are installed inside your vehicle, within the line of sight of your car’s side view mirrors.

In addition to the visual signals installed with the PBS-MWSK, a volume controlled alert system is included to provide auditory feedback about potential dangers in your blind spot. An added benefit of this design is that it is compatible with aftermarket rear backup sensors.

PBS-MWSK is available from authorized EchoMaster dealers at a suggested retail price of $774.99.

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