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EchoMaster Intros New Rearview Mirror with 7.3″ Monitor

CLEARWATER, FL (November 11, 2016) – EchoMaster, global manufacturer of in-vehicle safety solutions for commercial and consumer drivers,today, introduced PMM-7333-PL.  Boasting a three-year warranty, PMM-7333-PL is a rearview mirror replacement with a 7.3” monitor, capable of managing up to three video inputs from the vehicle’s safety cameras.  Designed to mimic the factory look while providing extra functionality, the mirror features an auto-dimming display, three display modes and adjustable parking lines.

Transforming the Rearview Mirror with Video

The PMM-7333-PL simply replaces a vehicle’s factory-installed rearview mirror. Equipped with a spacious 7.3” LCD monitor with crisp, clear visuals, it can accept up to three video inputs simultaneously. Three triggers switch automatically between displays, and the monitor is equipped with an auto-dimming feature that adjusts the brightness based on ambient lighting conditions.

It also features parking lines for the rear camera feed, taking the challenge out of backing into, or out of, tight spaces.

The PMM-7333-PL is included as part of EchoMaster’s new Blind Spot and Lane Departure Assistance Kit, along with a set of two of their PCAM-BS1-N cameras and a PCAM-10L-N license plate mount camera. This kit provides everything drivers need to make the driving experience safer and easier than ever before. All three cameras feed into the rearview replacement mirror and are triggered by driver behavior.  The two PCAM-BS1-N cameras can be mounted under side mirrors and assist during lane changing.  Triggered on by the turn signal, the side blind spot is eliminated and a clear view of the side of the vehicle is displayed on the rearview mirror’s split screen mode, depending on which side turn signal is used. PCAM-10L-N license plate mount camera can be used as a reverse camera, or a front camera.  The front or rear image is displayed on the full 7.3” view mode on the mirror monitor.

The PMM-7333-PL rearview mirror replacement and the PMK-73-BS are the latest offerings in EchoMaster’s extensive line of vehicle safety cameras, sensors, and monitors.